Sleep consultant Arichika Iwata

We have appointed Mr. Iwata as a Sound Sleep Consultant to develop our original sleep program that contains various keys to sound and quality sleep.


We provide you with original amenities, such as eye-warmer, bath salts, low-caffeine roasted tea, mint green tea with maccha powder for your refreshing morning.

  • Eye warmer

    It stimulates blood circulation through its warming effect and gently relieves eye muscle tension.

  • Bath salts

    In addition to augmenting your health and smooth skin, bathing with bath salts prior to bed lulls your body into a comfortable soothing rhythm.

  • Tea ( original blends )

    Roasted brown rice tea for the night-time
    Enjoy the fragrance of freshly-roasted tea and Japanese organic brown rice in perfect harmony.

    Mint green tea with maccha powder for the morning
    The combination of sweetness and bitterness of green tea assists you in waking up refreshed.

  • Original brochure

    An original brochure that includes tips for sound sleep is provided in each room. Please take it home and make good use of it.


Optional pillow menu

Optional five kinds of pillows are available, such as Tempur pillows ( free choice of height and hardness), pipe pillow, camel pillow, as well as a foot pillow.

  • 1Tempur symphony pillow XS
  • 2Tempur symphony pillow S
  • 3Pipe pillow ( low)
  • 4Pipe pillow (high)
  • 5Camel pillow
Aroma menu

  • Mandarin
    Citrus fragrance like navel oranges
  • lavender
    Refreshing floral fragrance
  • Cedar wood
    Peaceful woody fragrance

We proudly offer three high quality essential aroma oils, highly popular in aroma therapy salons. These oils are made of 100% pure and natural material directly imported from France, or organic material. Please take the aroma diffuser home with our compliments and enjoy it at home.


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